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Do you want to buy leather and hides for your company? Great, you've landed on the right page.
Hi, my name is Danilo D'urso, and I am a salesperson for leathers. I've been working for the love of this material in this field for more than 30 years.

Through years, I've worked with many Brands of the fashion industry, from the most famous brands to the budding ones. And I've always been able to make the desires of designers, product managers, purchasing managers, and buyers come true.

My job is to guide your company in the purchase of the leathers you wish for with the best value for money, by following your instructions, structuring a production plan, and following all the steps of leather tanning.

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Leather Agent - DurDan - Danilo D'Urso

Who's the salesperson for leathers who can help your company?

DurDan is my dream that came true. After acquiring and and developed horizontal and vertical skills in the leather business for more than 30 years, I've decided to to fund DURDAN, a company specialized in Wholesale of Genuine Leathers who can follow and curate your business through all purchasing phases.

The client receives tanned leathers, that is finished leathers ready for production of leather goods, footwear and clothing.

DurDan is a new cutting-edge entity developed thanks to values of tradition and experience, that focuses on clients' satisfaction. I aim to help you grow your business by supporting you in choosing the best leathers at the best prices, according to your needs. My working mantra is "your satisfaction is my satisfaction". Because I know that, if you are pleased with the products you receive and the price we set, we'll have a long-term collaboration.
Thus, I decided to personalize my approach to each company I supply leathers.My vast portfolio allows me to supply my clients with different leathers and hides based on their final product. At times, stylists themselves happen to get inspired by my portfolio to create new collections.
Furthermore, whether you need specific, innovative, or hard to find leathers, I'm sure to get the item you're searching for, thanks to my many collaborations with the best Italian tanneries.

What leather to buy? The right leather for your business and for all your products.

DurDan offers you a vast selection of leathers and hides with different processes and finishes for leather goods' production. Discover our selection of lamb and calfskin leathers and choose the finish that better suits your brand. The best leather fabric for clothing is d'lamb leather, very soft and resistant. Usually, lamb napa is the most appreciated leather fabric for clothing. Thus, for the production of men's and women's leather jackets and coats, leather trousers, dresses, capes, shirts or leather gloves, my suggestion is to look at lamb leather and choose the process and finish good for your product. Instead, the best leather fabric for bags and accessories, shoes, suitcases, cars' seats, and furniture is calfskin and half-calfskin leather, thicker and more robust, with its different finishes. If your brand produces leather belts, wallets, and bags, leather sofas or car upholstery, leather boots, sneakers, or moccasins, you can look for calfskin leathers with the finish that suits your production.
Discover all processes and finishings in the catalogue:

Aniline leather

Aniline leather

It's one of the most refined leathers. it's presciousness depends by its processes that let the neaturalness of leather shine through. iT can be made of both lamb and calfskin full-grain leathers.

Semi-Aniline leather

Semi-Aniline leather

Full-grain leathers of lamb or calfskin whose processes enanche leather's naturalness, but with the addition of pigments that hide little imperfections.

Pigmented leather

Pigmented leather

Leathers with a covering finish on the surface that makes the leather's surface uniform, flawless and resistant.

Antiqued, Distressed Grain, Vintage leather

Antiqued, Distressed Grain, Vintage leather

Leathers that have been processed to have a vintage, naturally aged look.

Pull-up leather

Pull-up leather

Process that gives the leather a lightening effect when pulled or rubbed. It is usually applied to calfskin leathers due to their fibers and thickness.

Crazy Horse leathers

Crazy Horse leathers

Crazy horse leathers are made only with calfskin and half-calfskin leathers. La pelle crazy horse è ottenuta solo sulle pelli di vitello e mezzo-vitello. Thanks to the wax applied on the surface, this leather type is particularly strong, waterproof and has a aged effect similar to pull-up leather.

Patent leather

Patent leather

This leather is produced thanks to the application of a glossy varnish layer. This process is made both on lamb and calfskin leather and produce leathers with a uniform, shiny finish.

Laminated leather

Laminated leather

Leathers having a bright finish with a metallic effect, given by the application of a metallic foil on the surface. It can be made in different colors both on sheeps and cows' leather.

Nabuck leather

Nabuck leather

Leather that has been brushed on the grain side. This leather type is made only on high quality full-grain leathers (both lamb and calfskin leathers) to create to create a velvety, napped surface that resemble suede. However, nabuck leather are more refined that suede ones.

Napa leather

Napa leather

This leather is especially soft and velvety to the touch and has a natural finishing (aniline). It is usually produced from first choice, full-grain lamb leather.

Metallized Leather

Metallized Leather

Leathers having a metallic-looking surface thanks to a spraying finishing, that can be applied in different colors both on leamb and calfskin leathers.



Both lamb and calfskin leathers brushed on the inside. Suede leathers have a soft, velvety surface.

Printed leather

Printed leather

Lamb or calfskin leathers embossed with a special pattern or texture, from figures to exotic leathers textures (python, crocodile).

Fashion and Design leathers

Fashion and Design leathers

Design leathers with pecauliar prints and patterns (also custumized). This finish can be applied both on lamb and calfskin leathers.

Latigo leather (mixed tanning)

Latigo leather (mixed tanning)

Vegetable and chrome tanning are combined. The resulting leather has the strenght of vegetable tanned leather and the softness and shine of chrome tanned leathers. Process made only on calfskin.

Perforeted leather

Perforeted leather

Lethers that have been cutted with holes to create a pattern. Patterns vary based on holes' density and size. Can be done on nappa, suede and calfskin leathers .

Are you interest in buying leathers and need a catalouge to get an idea of the products?

Acquisto di wholesales leathers: from the manufacturer to your company at dal the best price and the due warranties.

Main advantages

  • ✔ Free Consulence

    In Italy there are 1201 tanneries and disentagle yourself among the possible choices to get the leather you wish and that is right for your needs at the best price is not easy. I know almost all of them and I selected the best tanneries based on leather type. Tell me about your project, I am sure to offer you the choice that better suits you.
  • ✔ Always the best price

    I work with different tanneries and all of them are specialized in different leather types. I consolidated a relationship with each of them and, over the years, I made them sell more than 5.000.000pd2 of leather. This is why, I can offer my clients an unrivaled price.
  • ✔ The best Quality

    I cooperate with some of the best Italian tanneries, producing top-quality leathers for the luxury industry and the haute cauture business. If you need top-quality leathers at the best price, contact me for a free consulence.
  • ✔ Cheap Leathers

    Many budding brands often look for cheap leathers to fullfill their marketing strategies. I'm happy to fully satisfy the needs of brands who ask for low-cost leathers.
  • ✔ Free Samples

    Do you need a special leather type or a specific color bit available in the catalogue✔ Write us your request. We offer you a free sample service with no purchase obligation.
    This is a B2B service only and we ask for a minimum samples' amount. Servizio offerto solo per B2B e con minimo quantitativo richiesto.

Other Advantages

  • ✔ Production Times

    Once decided the sample suits your needs, we'll set production times. My success rate of on time order processing is 98,7% in 30 years in business.

  • ✔Production Monitoring

    Once production begins, you can relax. I will personally monitor all production phases to assure you the products are as we set.

  • ✔ Custom Leathers

    Do you have an idea for a leather but you don't know how to fullfill it✔ Feel free to contact me. We have high-tech equipements. Thus, I'm sure to make your wish come tru, just as you've imagined it.

  • ✔ Shipping

    • FOB: shipping from port or airport to be paid by the customer.
    • EX WORKS: entire shipment to be paid by the customer.
    • CIF: shipping to be paid by the tannery with insurance.
    • CNF: shipping to be paid by the tannery without insurance.
  • ✔ Privacy Warranty

    I strongly respect your work and mine and all our conversations will stay private.

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DurDan's Story

I've been born and raised in Solofra, one of the three main Italian tannery centers, and my family has always worked in the leather industry. I've essentially grown up in tanneries following my father, a leather industrialist. Since I was a child, I've always taken part in the leather's production process and I've always been fascinated by the path and the different phases that make this material unique and refined. I've been fascinated by leather production since I can remember. Thus, I've decided to keep working within this industry, which represents for me my family, my childhood, and my tradition.
I started my working path 30 years ago, turning my childhood passion into an exciting job. Since then, I've been developing my knowledge and competencies in the leather industry. I have advanced knowledge of all production processes, from rawhide and wet blue to finished leathers, and I am an expert in recognizing all leather types and their quality.
During the last years, I devoted myself to research and development and market research of fashion trends. Thus, I can offer my clients always the actual and up-dated perspective of the leather industry connected with the fashion business and advise them in the best possible way in their choices. I'm an expert in leather quality assessment, clients' support for the choice of leathers according to their needs, and order's quality control through the entire production process. In 2021 I realized my dream to fund my own business, "DurDan".
DurDan was born from my will to personally put myself in the game and my need to have a one-to-one relationship with my clients. I aim to support my clients in the best way possible through leathers' choice and assure them the best option for their needs. Thanks to the knowledge handed down from father to son, I have great experience in the tannery industry. My knowledge, together with my numerous collaborations with many of the most renowned Italian tanneries, makes me a salesman able to assure his clients the best value for money of leathers and hides.

DurDan is based in Solofra, which is recognized worldwide as "the leather city". This little city of Irpinia distinguishes itself for processing leather since 1300. Thanks to its vegetation rich in tannins, vegetable extracts used for tanning, and its geographical location between mountains and rivers, Solofra has been and continues to be one of the main Italian tanning centers. The city is especially renowned for lamb leather. During the years, the numerous tanneries in Solofra improved their techniques and high-tech machinery, specializing in the production of top-quality hides and leathers. Moreover, they developed new processes to tan leathers, thus, not only keeping pace but boost the world of high fashion.
The tanneries I work with offer a great choice of leather fabric for clothing, accessories, and leather goods.

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