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Luxury tailoring service at the best price


Find out convenience assured on Pellein! In our online store, you will find our hand-made items only. Moreover, all tanning and tailoring processes occur in Solofra (AV). Thus, we can assure you of the best quality at the lowest price. Each Pellein product is entirely hand-made by a team of specilized artisans, experts in leather manufacturing.


Certified Payment Methods


Don't you trust online shops? Pellein offers you only safe payment methods, like bank transfer and Paypal . You can also come and visit us! We will be happy to introduce you to our team of artisans and tailors and show you the quality of our leather goods. Our address is Via della fortuna,13 83029 Solofra(AV), Italia.


100-year warranty


We are sure we always go for the best! So, we thought of offering you an extra warranty: a 100-year warranty, where we or our next generation will take care of the leather goods you bought. Moreover, from delivery, you can use our 14-day-money-back guarantee. There's nothing easier. If you don't like the product or you want to change it with another item or size, we are happy to help. Our customers' satisfaction is our best strength!


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Warning: Handmade in Italy Pellein Products may last more than one generation. Choose carefully!
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