HyperSecret Wood unisex brown leather Tobacco Pouch Cardholder with zippers

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It is the only tobacco pouch that doubles as a wallet and document holder. Designed to last over time, HyperSecret Wood is made of brown genuine leather and its small size (14.5cm x 10cm) makes it an ideal companion for adventures. Inside, you can insert documents (including passport), credit cards and cards, money and coins, loose tobacco, papers, filters, and a lighter. Choose the quality of Italian craftsmanship, choose HyperSecret! Customized also.

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Tobacco pouch, IDs holder, and wallet: HyperSecret Wood, an all in one real leather accessory

HyperSecret Wood, the new, exclusive Pellein accessory, represents the perfect fusion between brown genuine leather tobacco pouches and wallets. It was born from the need to have an increasingly practical experience for tobacco smokers in the hectic life of every day. HyperSecret Brown allows you to always have two essential accessories with you in one practical, elegant bag.

An All-in-one accessory that acts as a tobacco pouch, a wallet, an ID holder, and a cardholder. It was specially studied and designed by our stylists based on the opinion of a sample of passionate smokers of shag. It guarantees the practicality of the tobacco pouches and the safety of the high-quality wallets, all made with top quality genuine leather.
This unique leather accessory has been entirely handmade in Italy by our artisans. On the outside, it looks like an elegant case with an agenda closure, with vintage and refined style. Inside, we find two separate compartments: an upper part, with the function of a wallet, and a lower part, which acts as a tobacco bag.

real leather tobacco pouch wallet and ids holder Hypersecret

Brown real lamb Nappa leather

To produce this tobacco pouch/wallet, we chose chromo-tanned premium full-grain Nappa leather, exclusively produced for Pellein. Pellein Nappa is a process standing out for the full-grain lamb leather premium quality and softness. Its natural process does not alter leather naturalness. Traits on the leather surface, like wrinkles or veining, are not to be considered defects. Indeed, they are distinguishing features of leather genuineness, which enhances leather beauty and excellence. They distinguish full-grain leather from low-quality leather and synthetic leather, covered with artificial products (polyurethane - plastic). Our leather is entirely processed in Solofra, one of the most refined lamb leather tannery poles. Thanks to its long and accurate traditional handmade process, Solofra stands out worldwide as the Italian pride for leather processing. Thus, we can fully guarantee the premium quality of our leather tobacco pouches .

real leather tobacco pouch small dimensions pocket size

Compact dimensions and lightness: a pocket-sized travel buddy

The tobacco pocket has been designed to hold till 25gr of tobacco helps not to alter the tobacco's humidity. (for optimal performance we recommend the use of a hydro-stone).

Weighting about 70g only and with its compact dimensions, Pellein HyperSecret is the adventure buddy you can't do without.

Closed dimensions:

  • Height: 10 cm
  • Width: 14,5 cm
  • Thickness: 0.9 cm

Open dimensions:

  • Height: 21 cm
  • Width: 14,5 cm
  • Thickness: 0.6 cm

A perfectly organized leather wallet and tobacco pouch

paper holder Hypersecret

The fastest paper holder in the west

The paper-holder compartment with a central cut was designed to allow you to easily pull out your papers without them tearing, getting stuck, or sticking together. Thanks to the top opening, replace the papers' pack is easy and intuitive.

lighter holder Hypersecret

Aren't you tired of losing a lighter per day?

The leather lighter holder inside the bag is great to hold small and medium lighters. It was designed to save space and have your flame always at hand!

filters pocket Hypersecret

Your favorite filters always with you!

The wide satin leather filter pocket with a velcro closure is placed between the tobacco pocket and the paper holder. Within the filter pocket, you can insert up to 50 filters, where they will be sheltered from external agents such as dust, etc.

tobacco pocket Hypersecret

Tobacco Pocket: a good balance.

Keep the flavor and freshness of your tobacco unaltered!This pocket contains up to 25g of loose tobacco, with a zipper closure and technical TPU coating, a hypoallergenic material that keeps the tobacco moisture.

  • Resistant to breaking and tearing. You don't have to worry about the pocket tearing by accident or due to wear. Unlike more fragile materials used for this purpose, such as silicone, this material is ultra-strong!
  • Water-repellent and insulating: thanks to this material and its combination with the three layers (real lambskin, nonwoven fabric, and Macao satin), your tobacco stays fresh and the humidity almost unchanged.
Closure Hypersecret

Smart closure: safe with a click!

The snap button closure was designed to assure you both elegance and strength. Easy and handy to open and close even with one hand and impact-resistant, unlike the lace, the snap closure tends to last longer over time. Moreover, it does not open either in bags or in pockets.The advantages of smart closing:

  • easier and more comfortable to open and close in seconds, even with one hand;
  • more resistant to shocks and tends to last longer over time;
  • its closure remains firm and does not tend to open, neither when it is carried in the bag nor when it is put in the pocket.

cardholder Hypersecret

Cardholder: your privacy.

Each card has its place: the cardholder.
The cardholder has been developed to guarantee you security and privacy:

  • Cardholders are 11 cm wide x 5.5 high, a size bigger than usual to allow you to insert more cards or to put larger business cards inside.
  • Keep your cards safe thanks to the reticular structure of the fabric applied to the leather internal side that will guarantee a stronger grip.

coin and banknote purse Hypersecret

Coin and money purse

The Hyper Secret coin pocket opens and closes with a practical zipper and is lined in Macao satin. Enter your coins and/or banknotes here:

  • Thanks to the very large pocket you can carry many bills and coins with you.
  • The made in Italy zip will help you keep everything safe.

passport and tickets pocket Hypersecret

Document holder: two hidden pockets!

Always ready to go on vacation?
Enjoy the two pockets for your tickets/ passport. Keep your documents safe inside the two hidden document-pockets. They are entirely lined in Macao satin for a quick, easy extraction.
Their internal dimensions (14cm x 9.5cm) will allow you to carry your passport, while you can use the pocket on the other side to put in any ticket.

 tobacco pouch three layers

The only three-layer tobacco pouch to guarantee you the best!

To create our handmade leather tobacco pouch, we only use excellent materials for specific purposes. Our tobacco bags are made of three layers: lamb full-grain leather, nonwoven fabric, and Macao satin.

  • Macao satin is an elegant soft fabric with outstanding properties. It has great resistance to abrasion and tearing, which guarantees it a long life; while its elastic properties allow it not to crease easily. Moreover, thanks to its processing, it is difficult to attack by mold and bacteria. Thus, it guarantees greater protection for your accessories both from external agents and from direct contact with the leather.
  • The nonwoven fabric is made of fibers with a honeycomb structure and interposed between the leather and the satin. Its particular structure makes it permeable to air and anti-humidity, but also resistant and non-deformable. In this way, the TNT will protect the inside of your accessory and make your tobacco holder more robust, ensuring a longer life.
  • Lambskin is a precious and elegant material that gives your tobacco holder a pleasant and soft feel to the touch. The natural fibers of the leather guarantee a wide elasticity and resistance. Lambskin has excellent resistance to wear and one of its best features is the authenticity that it acquires over time. Let yourself be seduced by its veins that slowly let their secrets emerge on the surface, acquiring, like wine, the value and unique flavor that only time can give.

The combination of these three materials will keep your tobacco and other accessories safe and unaltered and guarantee you an elegant and long-lasting tobacco pouch.

 eache tobacco pouch by Pellein is original and unique

Each Pellein tobacco pouch/wallet is one of a kind. Do you know why?

The beauty of our handmade leather tobacco bags and wallets is in the authenticity of our materials and the human component.

  • We only use the best Italian hides. Each leather has its own characteristics that make it one of a kind. Indeed, real leather is a natural product. Thus, marks and imperfections on any leather piece are distinctive elements that enhance its beauty and preciousness.
  • Our tobacco pouch, IDs holder, document holder and wallet is entirely handmade by our Italian artisans. Everything starts from the selection and cut of the most refined leather. Then, the leather is sewn by our tailors together with the nonwoven fabric and the Macao satin, creating a high-quality leather accessory.

Thus, each Pellein tobacco pouch and wallet has unique and unrepeatable features, highlighting its beauty and inimitability. Their uniqueness is given by these two essential factors: craftsmanship and genuine leather.

Hypersecret customized wallet and tobacco pouch

Customize your leather tobacco pouch, cards' holder anda wallet or make an original, timeless present

Do you wish a tobacco pouch and wallet for you or for surprising your special one with a unique gift? With Pellein you can have a tobacco pouch and wallet customized with a fire-engraving on the upper inner stripe of the bag with your initials or those of the person you want to surprise! By choosing this option, your tobacco pouch will be produced in 48-72 working hours.

More Information
Country of ManufactureItaly
Material100% Real Leather
Type of AnimalLamb / Mutton
DImensionBig - 14,5*10,5 cm
nome-prodottoHyperSecret Wood
Product typeTobacco Pouch Cardholder
Particolarewith zippers
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