Leggendario Black unisex black leather Tobacco Pouch small and pocket-size

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The smallest Tobacco Pouch in the world designed to last over time. Leggendario Black is made of black genuine leather and its dimensions (8cm x 12cm) makes it the best pocket-sized Tobacco Pouch. Inside you'll find a pocket lined in TPU to keep your loose tobacco fresh, a filter pocket (where you can put your lighter too) both with zips, and a rolling paper case. Choose the quality of Italian handicraft, choose Leggendario. Customized also!

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The smallest real leather tobacco pouch in the world with zipper closure Leggendario Black

Simply Legendary. As big as the palm of a hand with its small size (only 8cm high and 12cm wide) and thanks to its refined style, you can take Leggendario with you wherever you go. Convenient to keep in your pocket or smaller bags, it is perfect for any occasion, from the most casual to the most elegant. The new Pellein's mini version genuine leather tobacco pouch was designed and created by our artisans for shag smokers who want a small and practical accessory. Leggendario is made of genuine lamb Nappa leather and has a snap button closure. Inside, it has a tobacco pocket, a filter pocket, and a paper holder. Leggendario is the best vintage-style, mini tobacco pouch made of the most refined Italian hides and completely handmade by expert artisans. This smoke accessories bag is the perfect summary of Made in Italy practicality and elegance, obtained thanks to the years of experience of the Pellein team in the processing and production of leather accessories.

Mini tobacco pouch Leggendario

Black real lamb Nappa leather

To produce this tobacco pouch, we chose chromo-tanned premium full-grain Nappa leather, exclusively produced for Pellein. Pellein Nappa is a process standing out for the full-grain lamb leather premium quality and softness. Its natural process does not alter leather naturalness. Traits on the leather surface, like wrinkles or veining, are not to be considered defects. Indeed, they are distinguishing features of leather genuineness, which enhances leather beauty and excellence. They distinguish full-grain leather from low-quality leather and synthetic leather, covered with artificial products (polyurethane - plastic). Our leather is entirely processed in Solofra, one of the most refined lamb leather tannery poles. Thanks to its long and accurate traditional handmade process, Solofra stands out worldwide as the Italian pride for leather processing. Thus, we can fully guarantee the premium quality of our leather tobacco pouches .

mini real leather tobacco pouch Leggendario dimensions pocket size

Compact dimensions and lightness: a pocket-sized travel buddy

Leggendario has been designed to hold till 25gr of tobacco and filter and pockets into special areas. The three layers of our tobacco pouch help not to alter the tobacco's humidity. (for optimal performance we recommend the use of a hydro-stone).

Weighting about 50g only and with its compact dimensions, Pellein tobacco pouch is the adventure buddy you can't do without.

Closed dimensions:

  • Height: 8 cm
  • Width: 12 cm
  • Thickness: 0.8 cm

Open dimensions:

  • Height: 16 cm
  • Width: 12 cm
  • Thickness: 0.4 cm

A perfectly organized leather tobacco bag

paper holder tobacco pouch Leggendario

The fastest paper holder in the west

The paper-holder compartment with a central cut was designed to allow you to easily pull out your papers without them tearing, getting stuck, or sticking together. Thanks to the top opening, replace the papers' pack is easy and intuitive.

tobacco pocket leggendario

The tobacco pocket

The tobacco pocket with zipper closure is made of semitransparent TPU. This fabric helps to keep the tobacco's humidity unaltered (during the hot season we still suggest using a hydro-stone).

filter pocket tobacco pouch Leggendario

Your favorite filters always with you!

The wide satin leather filter pocket with a velcro closure is placed between the tobacco pocket and the paper holder. Within the filter pocket, you can insert up to 50 filters, where they will be sheltered from external agents such as dust, etc.

snap closure tobacco pouch Leggendario

Smart closure: safe with a click!

The snap button closure was designed to assure you both elegance and strength. Easy and handy to open and close even with one hand, unlike the lace, the snap closure tends to last longer over time. Moreover, it does not open either in bags or in pockets.

 tobacco pouch three layers

The only three-layer tobacco pouch to guarantee you the best!

To create our handmade leather tobacco pouch, we only use excellent materials for specific purposes. Our tobacco bags are made of three layers: lamb full-grain leather, nonwoven fabric, and Macao satin.

  • Macao satin is an elegant soft fabric with outstanding properties. It has great resistance to abrasion and tearing, which guarantees it a long life; while its elastic properties allow it not to crease easily. Moreover, thanks to its processing, it is difficult to attack by mold and bacteria. Thus, it guarantees greater protection for your accessories both from external agents and from direct contact with the leather.
  • The nonwoven fabric is made of fibers with a honeycomb structure and interposed between the leather and the satin. Its particular structure makes it permeable to air and anti-humidity, but also resistant and non-deformable. In this way, the TNT will protect the inside of your accessory and make your tobacco holder more robust, ensuring a longer life.
  • Lambskin is a precious and elegant material that gives your tobacco holder a pleasant and soft feel to the touch. The natural fibers of the leather guarantee a wide elasticity and resistance. Lambskin has excellent resistance to wear and one of its best features is the authenticity that it acquires over time. Let yourself be seduced by its veins that slowly let their secrets emerge on the surface, acquiring, like wine, the value and unique flavor that only time can give.

The combination of these three materials will keep your tobacco and other accessories safe and unaltered and guarantee you an elegant and long-lasting tobacco pouch.

 eache tobacco pouch by Pellein is original and unique

Each Pellein tobacco pouch is one of a kind. Do you know why?

The beauty of our handmade leather tobacco bags is in the authenticity of our materials and the human component.

  • We only use the best Italian hides. Each leather has its own characteristics that make it one of a kind. Indeed, real leather is a natural product. Thus, marks and imperfections on any leather piece are distinctive elements that enhance its beauty and preciousness.
  • Our tobacco pouch is entirely handmade by our Italian artisans. Everything starts from the selection and cut of the most refined leather. Then, the leather is sewn by our tailors together with the nonwoven fabric and the Macao satin, creating a high-quality leather accessory.

Thus, each Pellein tobacco pouch has unique and unrepeatable features, highlighting its beauty and inimitability. Their uniqueness is given by these two essential factors: craftsmanship and genuine leather.

Leggendario customized tobacco pouch

Customize your tobacco pouch or make an original, timeless present

Do you wish a tobacco pouch for you or for surprising your special one with a unique gift? With Pellein you can have a tobacco pouch customized with a fire-engraving on the upper inner stripe of the bag with your initials or those of the person you want to surprise! By choosing this option, your tobacco pouch will be produced in 48-72 working hours.

More Information
Material100% Real Leather
Type of AnimalLamb / Mutton
Product NameLeggendario Black
Country of ManufactureItaly
DimensionUltra Mini - 8x12cm
Product typeTobacco Pouch
Detailsmall and pocket-size
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