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Besides specialized production of leather clothing, Pellein also makes its leather catalogue available. Inside our catalogue you will find lamb leather and calfskin leather in more than a hundred colors and finishings. You can refer to our catalog to customize one of our jackets, ties, or belts. Or you can just buy leather fabric for clothing to make your jacket at home. Likewise, you can purchase leather fabric for bags to create or repair leather goods. Buy the leather you like and have fun creating wallets, jackets, belts, gloves, skirts, and other accessories.

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Buy leather online - Choose quality, choose Pellein!

Our leathers are entirely tanned by the top Italian tanneries in Solofra. Thus, in our catalog you will find high quality leather with different finishes and processes. Discover the premium-quality full-grain leather made with aniline or semi-aniline natural processes. Discover lamb nappa leather, a soft leather type especially good for clothing. Discover vegetable-tanned leather, that donates a vintage effect to garments and accessories, or the beautiful suede leather, perfect to create refined shoes, accessories, and summer clothing. These are just some of the leather types you can find in our catalog. Discover them all!

Leather types: tips on how to choose them

You can distinguish leathers not only by animal type and color but also (and especially) by their finishing (given by the processes used during production), thickness, and quality. These are the characteristics you have to look at when buying leather. At Pellein, you will exclusively find full-grain leathers, that is leather made with the best part of hides. Then, our leathers go through different processes, as to have different finishings: nappa leather, vegetable-tanned leather with vintage effect, suede, perforated leather, pull-up leather, and so on.
Usually, for its softness, lamb leather is used for clothing, while calf leather is used for shoes, accessories, and furniture, because is more hard and resistant. However, its uses also depends on leather thickness. Low-thickness leathers (about 0,4mm-1mm) are ideal for creating jackets, skirts, gloves, trousers, and small accessories, like tobacco pouches and wallets. While thicker leathers (from about 1mm upward) are perfect for upholstering couches, chairs, car seats, producing shoes, or creating bigger accessories, like maxi bags and suitcases.
In Pellein's catalog, you'll find both lamb and calf types of leather in different colors, thicknesses, and finishings. Do you wish for vintage brown leather for an old-fashioned backpack? Or some dark green suede for that jacket you've always dreamed of? Are you looking for bungundy leathers to upholster your chairs to match them with items of furniture in your living room? Choose which leather better suits your project, the quantity and make it delivered at home! Else, you can contact us and tell us about your project. We will be happy to advise you on the best option for your needs.

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