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Our Company

Pellein is a brand born by the company Confezione Principe. Our company was born in the 70s and wholesales and sales at retail its own real leather handcrafted items. We only select the best Italian hides and work it by hand. Our purpose is to guarantee our customers the quality and excellence of our unique long-lasting products. We pursue our aim thanks to the work of our renowned Italian artisans. They create art from their work, combining the oldest traditions of leather manufacturing with the latest technologies. Our careful research for excellent raw materials led our company to be renowned for the Quality and Reliability of our leather products. Both in clothing and accessories, we pursue the values and authenticity of the real Made in Italy Fashion. Our company believes in selecting raw materials from the finest and most advanced tanning processes, based on our ancestors' thousand-year-old discoveries. Leather is the most up-to-date material in the world, having the most ancient (hi)story.

Made in Italy leather craftsmanship
Italian leather craftsmanship

We are based in Via della fortuna n. 13, Solofra (AV), one of the most important Center for the Development of leather.

Leather jackets and coats wholesale and online sale

Pellein produces real leather jackets, coats, and accessories for wholesale. But, thanks to the online sale, you can buy high-quality items for their wholesale price.
Our products address a broad target of people with diverse styles and personalities. In that fashion, we developed:

  • A Young and Dynamic taste, always up to fashion evolutions.
  • A Classic and Elegant style for sophisticated people who keen for a refined, timeless look.
  • A Simple, Contemporary, and Glamour approach, characterized by an easy-going look that blends style and comfort.

Our company combines the tradition of leather manufacturing with the innovation and development carried out by our team as a result of certified excellence.
Thanks to careful market measurements and our staff’s philosophy of constant updates, our services are consistently improved. The results are our attentive and efficient customer service and the guarantee of the best value for money.

Our company history

How to start a real “Made in Italy” Company?
We do not know what the secret for the best world’s firms is, but Italian ones have one shared ingredient: love stories. Pellein has two great love stories to tell.
It was in the ’60s when a seven-year-old girl, Grimaldi Santina, fell in love with the groundbreaking fashion and design of that period, made of vivid colors and waisted silhouette. Her grandfather was a distinguished tailor from Mercato San Severino, renewed for his custom-made suits. He noticed her irreducible passion for this world and taught her the noble craft of sewing. With time, she became a skillful seamstress, and her parents signed her up at the international tailoring modeling academy, where she graduated. At that time, she met Giuseppe Pirolo, a young man who worked in the leather sector and developed a deep passion for this refined material. He later became her great love and future husband.
As time passed by, they realized their dream, binding their hearts, their passions, and enthusiasm: they founded a craft workshop specialized in leather clothing.
Unfortunately, as we all know, dreams don’t come true without facing challenges. The first obstacle was the lack of money, which forced them to set up their company in partnership with a friend. This partnership, though, did not end up well, so Giuseppe and Santina had to close their activity and start anew on their own. Later, a significant earthquake disrupted and devastated Irpinia. However, even this tragic event could not dishearten them, and, struggling through the wreckage, they finally founded their company.
Through time people started to appreciate their products, and their clothes, initially manufactured in a small Italian town, begin to travel all around Europe. Our products had extraordinary success in the best trade shows for leather clothing, like Paris, Frankfurt, and Barcellona, and they have been very successful since then. Our achievements are, on the one hand, the result of the quality of our production, sartorial excellence, the charming molding inspired and influenced by different eras, and elegance; and on the other, the precious teachings of Santina’s grandfather.

Who tells you the story of the brand Pellein?

Hi, we are Donato and Antonella, born of the love of Santina and Giuseppe. Being brother and sister, we share many passions. Guess which? Of course: handicraft, real leather, and fashion! Our enthusiasm drives us going every day a step further, improving quality Made in Italy that all the best Italian companies share.

Who we are, The Pellein family

What's the secret to real Made in Italy quality?

The secret is a love story, a loving family, and beautiful traditions embraced by a strong passion. At Pellein, our strong passion is leather fashion and the will to hand down the beautiful traditions of Italian handicraft.

Solofra, the leather city

That's the title Solofra conquered. A city of 21km2 with a population of 12.419 citizens who made leather production its strength.
This culture originated in 1200. Thanks to its geographic location, Solofra was rich in stones for lime production, water, and chestnut trees containing tannins. Thus, tunning became the prime activity of our ancestors who handed down their noble art to the next generations. And today, it is still the cornerstone of our economy.

The word tannin was first used in 1796 to indicate a chemical substance found in vegetable extracts. Tannins combine with animal skin proteins in insoluble complexes, prevent rot by proteolytic enzymes, and transform it in to hide.
The richest sources of tannins are trees' cortex as oak, chestnut, spruce, and acacia, used in leather tanning.

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