Gift Card - The original and handmade gift!

Make a gift with the real Italian handicraft. With the gift card by Pellein, you have hundreds of customizable genuine leather products to give as a gift on any occasion, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.
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An always fashionable gift for any occasion

Gift cards by Pellein are a great gift idea both for a personal gift and corporate gift. With our gift card, you have the chance to choose the card's design according to the event, write a personalized greetings message, and select an amount of your choice. The card will be sent to the e-mail address entered in the "addressee e-mail" section. You can also choose whether to send the e-mail with the card right after the purchase or select a specific date for him/her to receive it.
Our gift card has a 1-year of validity, and the offer cannot be combined. However, you can use it both online and in our physical store.

The gift card by Pellein for purchasing leather jackets and accessories is a gift suitable for any occasion!

  • - Customize your card according to the event
  • - Choose the amount you prefer up to a maximum of 1,000€
  • -Write a greeting message and decide when to deliver the gift card
  • -Spend your coupon within one year to purchase any Pellein product without price limits
  • -Buy with the card both online and in store
  • -Even with the card you will have our money back guarantee!

How to buy the gift card by Pellein?

To buy our gift card you just need to:

  • -Select the amount of the gift card you want to buy. You can choose between different amounts: 25€ - 50€ – 100€ – 200€ or enter anamount of your choice up to a maximum of 1,000€.
  • -Choose the design you prefer.
  • -Fill out the fields with the needed information and the message you want your addressee to receive.
  • -Choose the time and the date (Central Europe time zone -Rome- ) when you want the card to be sent.
  • -Select the amount of cards you need and add it to the cart.
  • -Then procede as a normal purchase.

What can I buy with a gift card by Pellein?

With our gift card you can buy everything you find on our site, from leathers, to leather jackets, to tobacco pouches. There are no spending limits.
For example, if you received a 50€ gift card and want to buy an obi belt costing 47.00€, you can use your card, on which will remain a 3.00€ amount.
On the other hand, if your card is wotrh 50€ and you want to buy a leather trench costing 348.00€ you can use your gift card in combination with another payment method.

Our gift cards cannot be combined, but you can use it both on-line and in our phisycal store.

Where can I check my gift card status?

There are two ways to chack the status of your gift card:
-Register on the site, enter your user area and enter the gift card code in the specific field or
-Add a product to the cart and enter the gift card code in the specific field to verify its status.
Both ways will show the card value, the current amount on the card and the expiry date.

Can I return a gift card?

As per Italian law, the gift card can be returned and refunded within 14 days from the date of purchase.

If you had the gift card as a refund for a customized item (where applicable), your gift card cannot be refunded with the corrisponding money amount. You can still buy any of our leather accessories or clothing on our site or our store until the card's expiry date.

In case of purchase of a non-refundable customized product via gift card, the entire amount spent, including that of the gift card, cannot be refunded. For more information, refer to our Return Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Can I return an item bought with the gift card?

The items bought using the gift card can be refunded with a gift card refund only, not for the corresponding amount of money.
In case you purchased a product with a higher value than that of the gift card, the refund ( where applicable) will be carried out in the same way as for payment.
For example, if you bought a non-customized leather jacket of the value of 300.00€ paying it with 100.00€ gift card and the remaining 200.00€ by credit card, at the time of the return, you will be refunded 200.00€ on the credit card you used and 100.00€ on your gift card for a total amount of 300.00€.
Non-refundable customized items are not eligible for a refund even on the gift card.
Refundable customized items will be refunded via gift card with the equivalent spent amount.

My gift card is not working, why?

First of all, check that your card is not expired and the card is not sold out. You can check both information by entering your card code in the specific field of your user area or the cart area.
If your card is not expired or sold out but you can't use it, contact us via email at, by phone at +39 0825534431 or via Whatsapp at +39 379 1121055, we will fix the problem as soon as possible.

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