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Pellein - 50 years Leather Manufacturing Handmade in Italy Tradition, Creativity, Mastery
Custom Leather Jacket


Each person has his/her own personality. That's why there are so many different leather jackets' styles worldwide. But how sweet would it be to have a jacket or a coat created only for you? Pellein offers you various ways to have your custom leather jacket for men and women.

How to customize your leather jacket

  • Create your jacket by using our men's leather jacket configurator. You can design your jacket step-by-step, choosing among various options.
  • Make any of our men's or women's leather jackets and coats custom by choosing a different color, embroidering your initials, and/or ask for a made-to-measure model.
  • Contact us and ask for a bespoke leather jacket or coat. You can have any leather jacket or coat made for you just as you dreamed.
genuine leather and row materials made in italy

The most refined raw materials

Manufacturing of the finest leather jackets and coats stars from the finest raw material. We want you to have a beautiful, long-lasting leather jacket. Thus, we only use premium-quality, full-grain leathers and high-quality, made-in-Italy accessories and linings.

Over 50 years of the finest craftsmanship

Attention to details place a difference between handcrafted products and mass production. Whether with a custom jacket or one from our catalog, discover the exquisite quality of our jackets in the made in Italy tailoring and one-by-one, placed by hand accessories.

Italian Leather Craftsmanship
Best Price

Luxury quality at fair prices

We are producers of luxury leather jackets who's decided to adopt a customer-oriented policy. We want to offer you the best leather jackets and custom jackets at a fair price, without diminish the work of our artisans. Thus, in opposition with other luxury brands, we've cut off all nonessential costs, like stores' and middlemen's costs, and opted for a direct-to-consumer approach.

Perfect fit

We know the feeling of buying something that doesn't fit well. Thus, you can ask for a made-to-measure jacket for any of our catalog models or custom jackets. Moreover, we provide you a free service to ask our tailors the best size to buy according to your body measures and fit preferences.

Leather Jacket made to measure
Leather Fashion Design

Choose your style

Differences make fashion beautiful. Thanks to our team of designers and tailors, we always add new jackets and coats to suit any style. Also, we offer you the chance to customize any of our models. We believe in uniqueness and expression, thus we offer you the chance to express yourself through our craftsmanship, so that your leather jacket is unmistakably yours.

Slow fashion and sustainability

We love our planet, thus we sustain it. The finest craftsmanship and quality raw materials make our leather products live longer than mass-production ones. We limit C02 emissions by applying lean manufacturing and relying on local suppliers. Also, we are commited with the treedom community in planting trees and providing fair work worldwide.

Slow Fashion - Sustainable Leather Jacket

Our customers' feedback

Rich H.

From England


I ordered a custom leather jacket, and I've got something better than what I expected. It looks exactly like the pictures, and the video of the model showing it off. I chose to change the color and had my initials embroidered, it's a small additional cost and it's SO worth it! My jacket fits like a glove, looks damn good and you can tell from its fine quality it's handmade with great genuine leather. I will use this company again for my next style of leather jacket for sure.

Kelly Larsen

From USA


Great leather jackets, excellent customer care! When I buy something online, I like to be sure of what I'm buying, so I do rely on customer services a lot. Pellein's one helped me with everything, from the best size to buy to the best shade of red leather in their catalog to choose based on the color I wanted. Communication was always smooth, friendly, kind, and attentive. I've really felt taken care of. When the jacket arrived I was so pleased. The fit was perfect, the color amazing and I couldn't believe how good it looked. Finally, I have my red biker jacket and I couldn't be happier!

Max Darby

From USA


Just got my second order and I'm totally satisfied. The first time I met Pellein I was looking for a leather tobacco pouch. The items on the site looked so good that I decided to give it a try and bought one. Delivery was on time and the tobacco pouch looked elegant and exactly like the pictures. I tested it a few months to check the quality and it's very good. So I went bigger and bought a winter leather jacket for me and a brown wrap belt for my girlfriend. awesome purchases! She loves the quality and the comfort of the buttonhole. I love the jacket vintage leather and the fit is excellent (I suggest to fill the form to get help with the size, it's free and extremely useful). After this second experience I trust this brand and recommend Pellein to anyone. I can't wait to order a custom jacket next time!

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